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Wooden Truck Blocks

R 389.00 

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The colorful trucks and blocks will have your little one stacking, building and pushing the trucks, while allowing them to focus on not dropping what they have stacked. After a while, your children will be able to recognize each color and different ways to stack the blocks. Made out of wood, there are no sharp edges that will put your child at risk.  

Product Features:

  • Colorful 
  • 48 challenges 
  • starter, junior, expert and master
  • 36 months+ 
  • All blocks' edges are not sharp 
  • Creative building and stacking 
  • Material: Wooden


Choose a challenge. select the truck and playing pieces as indicated - for some challenges you will need more than one truck

Place the pieces in the cargo hold of each truck. All pieces need t ofit so that none stick out over the edge of the cargo container

There is only one solution per challenege.