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Wooden Train Set - Multi Bridge - 80pcs

R 799.00 

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Choo! Choo! Upcoming stop: Fun! Combine learning and entertainment with this 80-piece Wooden Train Set. Your toddlers will enjoy driving the magnetic cars through a realistic urban scenery: trees, a bridge, traffic lights & signs! The 80-piece also includes 3 human figures, a house and plenty of track race parts for a longer railway track. For double fun, just flip over the scenery board and experience a different side filled with train tracks mixed with nature and urban features. It also comes with an instruction manual for multiple layouts. Let creativity speed ahead with this wooden train set.

Product Features:

  • Double sided Scenery Board for double fun
  • Adjustable rail combinations
  • Rounded edges for safety
  • Real life experience
  • Great for improving child's motor skills
  • Child learns road and rail safety fast

Product Includes:

  • 2x Scenery Board (Double sided)
  • 6x Magnetic cars
  • 10x Fun Kids
  • 2x Fire extinguishers
  • 8x Traffic Signs
  • 2x Traffic Lights
  • 2x Street Lights
  • 2x Fire hydrants
  • 2x Houses
  • 2x Mountains
  • 2x Bridges
  • 2x Cones
  • 2x Fences
  • 2x Trees
  • 12x Round bases
  • 22x Tracks

 Product Size: (L x W) Scenery Board: 90 x 70cm. Height varies with formation