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Toy Bow and Arrow Set for Kids with LED Flash Lights

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Kings Sport bow and arrow for kids are made up of quality materials which are safe, lightweight, and durable. With this bow and arrow set, children can work their way to become archery masters. It's easy to carry the arrows in the quiver. Kids can take archery bow anywhere they want to. Promote the improvement of motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Our kids bow and arrow offers an excellent exercise for the eyes, which helps to improve concentration in your kids. Kings Sport bow and arrows has been designed to train your kids to shoot well; you can easily teach your son or daughter to handle the bow and allow the arrow to leave the bow correctly. 


  • Children's fun toy bow and arrow
  • Includes bow, arrows, quiver and target board
  • Hours of enjoyment with our outdoor toys for kids
  • Improve motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • A perfect outdoor kids games for a birthday, Christmas, Easter
  • LED Flashing lights to level up the traditional bow and arrow game

What's in the box:

  • 1 x Bow
  • 3 x Suction tip arrows
  • 1 x Quiver
  • 1 x Target