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Thunder Tumbler Remote Controlled Toy Car 2.0 - 27MHZ - Red

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It's all fun and entertainment with the Thunder Tumbler. This gadget performs jumps and wheelies with the wireless remote control. It has been designed with soft tires as it is made to go over various terrains and do any trick you can imagine. With awesome LED lights for easy visibility, no one could miss this bright and fun remote controlled kiddies gadget. It plays music while it goes at blazing speed! Play for hours, learn new tricks, test its capabilities on all kinds of surfaces. 


  • Available in 2 frequencies for competitive racing
  • Turbo 360 degree front axle spins
  • Spinning Action
  • Full-function wireless radio control
  • Performs outrageous wheelies and stunts
  • Blazing speed
  • Includes remote control for fully functional racing action
  • LED lights and music
  • Requires x2 AA (Radio control) not included. 


Please note:

- Not suitable for children under 3 Years