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Newborn To Toddler Foldable Baby Bath

R 1,299.00 

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Introducing this versatile and convenient baby folding bathtub, designed to make bath time easier and safer for your little one. This space-saving tub folds compactly for effortless storage. Perfect for babies aged 6 months to 3 years, it features non-slip legs, allowing it to be used securely on any flat surface.


  • Folds to a slim 7.5cm for easy storage
  • Lightweight yet durable construction
  • Simple to fold and unfold
  • Ideal for travel
  • High-quality build with four anti-slip feet for added safety
  • Integrated plughole for easy water drainage


  • 1 x Anti Slip Bathtub
  • 1 x Bucket
  • 1 x Water Scoop
  • 1 x Bath Stand
  • 1 x Thermometer