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Newborn Gift Set

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This Newborn Gift Set is the perfect starter kit for newborns. Each set comprises a Cuddle Bunny, a Fleece Blanket, a Swaddle Blanket & Beanie Set, 2 Newborn Beanies and 2 sets Newborn Mitten

  • The Cuddle Bunny is a super soft fleece toy with satin ears
  • The Fleece Blanket is a super soft fleece blanket with satin edging
  • The Swaddle Set, Beanies and Mittens are all made from stretchy, super soft and breathable fabric, suitable for 0-3 months


  • Gift Box: 285mm x 250mm x 80mm
  • Cuddle Bunny: Head-to-Toe 300mm
  • Fleece Blanket: 1000mm x 750mm
  • Swaddle Set: Blanket: 1000mm x 1000mm, 
  • Beanie: 180mm w x 140mm h (adjustable),
  • Mittens: 50mm x 90mm