MZ-602 Single Electric Breast Pump

MZ-602 Single Electric Breast Pump SALE
MZ-602 Single Electric Breast Pump SALE


R 499.00 R 699.00
SKU: Manual-001


  • 1 x Breast Pump
  • 1 x Milk Bottle
  • USB intelligent power supply, to be used with a power bank or Laptop, or through a cellphone adapter.
  • Nipple adapter.


  • Intelligent power sources: This power source separates the milk and the air flow, preventing the return of the milk. 
  • Breast pumps: They have two uses, as a pump and as a bottle since they have hermetic closure and pacifier for the baby.
  • The use of PP and silicone material, does not contain Bisphenol a, does not produce any harmful substances, high temperature resistant, easy to clean.
  • Bottle made of PP material, anti-collision and resistant to breakage, design, hand comfort.
  • To start the design, the keys type key, 9-speed adjustment make sucking more comfortable.