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MamaMoo - Maxima Silicone Manual Breast Pump, white

MamaMoo - Maxima Silicone Manual Breast Pump

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  • Voted Parenting Choice Breastfeeding Product of 2019, this breast pump has revolutionized the Breastfeeding journey of thousands of moms.
  • Maxima can safely be used from Day 1 to effectively draw out Colostrum and relieve pain and engorgement once your milk comes in. Maxima even comes with a clear zipper bag (included), that is perfect to pop into your hospital or baby bag. MamaMoo does not overstimulate your breasts and can be used from birth.
  • The MamaMoo Silicone Lid offers a 100% seal on your silicone breast pump but creating negative pressure to suction into the pump. After this, the pump can fall or be shaken without spilling.

Maxima's superior suction is due to its unique, patented design:

  • A wider neck solves the problem of nipple restriction. Nipple restriction leads to less milk flow and painful pumping.
  • The Bulb is designed for smaller female hands. Our engineers also found that this short, flat bottom allows for a stronger suction to form, as opposed to the longer shape seen on other pumps.
  • The thicker silicone and flange design seals tighter against the skin, allowing for a stronger, airless seal and stronger vacuum.
  • Our patented silicone ring exerts force towards the outside of the pump by "pulling" the pump to its original shape. By doing so, it increases the vacuum within the pump. The stronger the vacuum, the more effective is the pump.
  • Our flat, wide base ensures stability, your pump won't topple over when filled with milk.
  • Our design is focused on establishing the greatest vacuum- greater vacuum = more milk, faster.

This MamaMoo Maxima and zipper bag also make the ideal baby shower gift for a mom to be.