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Gerry Giraffe Jumbo Stacking Cups

R 270.00 

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Gerry Giraffe shape sorter and jumbo stacking cups is a great value activity toy, offering lots of fun for your child.

Cups stack to over 75cm and have large numbers embossed on them so an older child can practise counting and begin building number recognition skills.

Features nesting and stacking cups, a shape sorter lid with 3 shapes and a storage bucket with carrying handle.

Children love to fit the brightly coloured cup together, to stack them on top of each other to build a pyramid, to put things in and then take them out as well as to turn them over and hide things underneath. The cups can be used to fill with water and pour in and out at bath time or used to have fun in the sand on the beach.

Suitable for children from 12+ months.