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First Numbers: Interactive Children's Sound Book

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Dive into a world of numerical exploration and ignite your child's curiosity with First Numbers: Interactive Children's Sound Book with 10 Buttons. Featuring 10 engaging interactive sound buttons and user-friendly shaped tabs, it's the ultimate stepping stone for little learners to embark on their journey of numerical discovery.

Sound books are a engaging way for children to make meaningful connections to the work around them. Key benefits include:

  • Symphony of Engagement: Prepare to captivate your child's curiosity as interactive auditory elements transform reading into a multisensory adventure, capturing attention with every sound.
  • Numerical Exploration: Immerse your little one in a medley of sounds, enhancing their early numerical development and introducing them to the world of counting from 1 to 10.
  • Building Blocks of Numeracy: Interactive sound buttons reinforce the connection between numerical symbols and their representation, establishing a foundation for early numerical skills.
  • Engaging Play: Elevate learning through play as interactive sound effects and auditory elements weave excitement and engagement into each page, enhancing comprehension and connection.