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Eco-Friendly Silicone Baby Feeding Set - Mango

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  • COMPLETE BABY FEEDING SUPPLIES: Package includes silicone bib, bowl, plate, sip cup, cup, spoon and fork. It's the perfect kit for babies and toddlers who are just learning to eat and enjoy food on their own.
  • MAKES BABY FEEDING LESS MESSY: These silicone baby bibs have a deep pocket that catches food and prevents it from spilling all over your child's high chair, on the table, or on the floor.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - The silicone bib and eating supplies won't absorb food color or odors, making cleanup a breeze. Simply wash them with soap and water, rinse and dry them and they are ready to be used again.
  • No more flying bowls and plates - the silicone bowl and plate with dividers have strong suction cups that stick to any flat surface. This helps keep them securely in place while your child eats.
  • DURABLE AND SAFE - Our waterproof bibs and feeding utensils are made of premium silicone that is not easily damaged. They do not contain BPA, lead, phthalates or other harmful substance