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Discover Early Learner Pack 5 (Age 4 Years+)

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Recommended Age: 4+.


Make The Word: A vocabulary development game wherein the child has to make correct words with the help of the picture clues. The puzzle primarily improves the child's vocabulary and spelling skills. For further play, the child can use just the letter pieces to make other words.

Playing With Shapes: A cleverly designed fun puzzle that helps develop the child's visual and observation skills. The child learns the difference between various shapes and spots them in the objects they are familiar with. Bright colourful illustrations are guaranteed to keep the child's interest riveted to the game.

Tell The Time: A puzzle that not only teaches how to tell the time, but also introduces the concept of analog and digital time. The colourful illustrations are guaranteed to make learning fun.

My 10 Rules: An early introduction to Social Sciences. It builds healthy habits and differentiates acceptable behaviour from the unacceptable. Beautiful and colourful illustrations help reinforce the messages.

Packed in to an easy carry case with handle.