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Bliss Original Air Purifier

R 849.00 

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PerfectAire air purifiers work on a hydro filtration technology concept, using a combination of water and the Microbeshield solution. The contaminated air is sucked into the air purifier and mixes with the water and the Microbeshield air purifying solution. A scrubbing effect purifies the air particles within the air purifier bowl, at the same time as eliminating bacteria, viruses and other air contaminants. Clean, purified air is then released back into the air.

Bliss, a basic model in our range of air purifiers. 

Given its compact size, it is designed to take up minimal space. Creates a pleasant living or working environment.

Rated power : 13W. Water tank volume: 0.75l, weight 1kg, Area of coverage: up to 70Sq meter

Product Includes: 

1 x 125ml Microbioshield Solution for Sterilizing, anti-bacterial, anti-fungus and eliminating odours