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11. Basic Skills Board (Age 3 Years+)

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Recommended Age: 3 Years+.

This beautiful skills board helps develop manual dexterity, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as well as colour recognition. 

Activities with this board can include:

  • Ask the child to name each of the skill that will be mastered: Snapping, buttoning, buckling, zipping, lacing and tying.
  • Ask the child to name the colours of each puzzle piece.
  • Show the child that the puzzle pieces on the bear's arms are interchangeable. Ask the child to place the pieces in a specific order from left to right. 
  • Place four or more pieces in front of the child asking him/her to study them before closing his/her eyes while you remove one piece. Ask the child to identify the piece you removed.
  • Time the child to see how quickly s/he is able to complete each of the skills and then undo them.