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Babysense - Hooded Apron Bath Towel

R 379.00 

The apron style hooded towel keeps mom’s hands free by fastening around your neck and back. You therefore you have two hands free to safely take baby out the bath, while keeping yourself dry.

If your baby is still small, the hands free towel will allow you to safely remove baby from the bath with both your free hands, and immediately wrap the soft warmness of the 100% cotton towel around him.

Older babies love to splash and play in the bath, and the towel will keep you dry from any splashes while bathing baby.

  • Safe and easy The extra-large towel is designed to fasten around your neck like an apron and allow you to always have two free hands when bathing your baby, making it safer to lift your baby out of the bath. The towel also acts as a splash guard for parents, keeping your clothes dry, during baby’s ‘playtime at bath time’.
  • Calm Keep in the all-important heat after a calming bath by completely wrapping the extra-large towel around your baby and cover his head with the hood. The 100% cotton towel is guaranteed to be gentle on your baby’s soft and delicate skin.
  • Sleep A calming and consistent bedtime routine acts as a cue for his brain to release hormones to sleep and is an essential part of every evening for babies and toddlers.