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Baby Sling Wrap

R 369.00 

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Your baby will fall asleep in it within a few minutes of getting in the sling. This sling is also excellent value for money and so easy to use. It can be worn for long periods so perfect for any outdoor adventures. This sling will help improve baby's bonding and stimulation levels as you can feel and access the baby in the sling so you can pat their back to soothe them etc.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Perfect from new-born (approx. 1 week) to 18 months. min. (3.5 kg). max. (14 kg). Can be worn by mum or dad.
  • FUNCTIONALITY: light weight ergonomic design Multi positions-rear facing or forward facing. Adjustable neck positions for maximum comfort for the baby and you. You can manipulate baby easily for comfort. easy to put on & adjust . comfortable to wear and your baby will feel happy, safe and secure in it.
  • PRACTICAL DESIGN: Great for parents travelling with the baby on planes, trains and bus travel. Easy to take your baby on outdoor adventure even whilst the baby is sleeping. Can be used in any weather conditions.
  • ENJOY HANDS FREE Baby carrier: Allows you to go shopping, do your house work, exercise, go for walks with your dog, answering calls and even breastfeed on the go.