Angelcare AC327 - Video, Sound and Movement Monitor (wireless pad)

Angel Care

R 3,899.00 

Angelcare AC327 3-in-1 SensAsure™ Baby Movement Monitor with Video not only looks the part but can be trusted, day and night. Angelcare’s sensAsure™ Movement Sensor Pad reassures you, by only alarming if no movements have been detected for 20 seconds. Video is brought to you via a 4.3” video screen which also delivers infrared night vision. You’ll receive crystal clear sound with minimised interference and optimised security.

Wireless Movement Sensor Pad with non-contact SensAsure™ Technology
Powerful movement detection technology. Angelcare’s SensAsure™ Movement Sensor Pads, monitor all your baby’s slightest wriggles across the entire surface of the mattress. Baby won’t even know it’s there. The Sensor Pad is designed to stay under the mattress so is a simple, one-time wireless installation – that will never touch your baby. 


Breathing Sensor Pad

  • Wireless Breathing Sensor Pad & Alarm
  • Adjustable Breathing Sensor Pad Sensitivity
  • TIC Movement Function

Parent Unit

  • Color Video Transmission
  • 3" Video Screen Size
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • Voice-Activated Sound Transmission (VOX)
  • Continuous Sound Transmission
  • Full Color LCD Display
  • Touch controls
  • Two Way Talk Back
  • Temperature Control/Alarm on Parent Unit
  • Volume Control
  • Split Screen View On the Parent Unit
  • Low Battery Alarm on Parent Unit
  • Low Battery Alarm for Breathing Movement Sensor Pad

Nursery Unit / Camera Unit

  • Digital Zoom & Pan Camera
  • Mains Power
  • Wall-Mount and Tabletop Camera Unit
  • Add up-to-2 Extra Cameras