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28. ABC 123 Wooden Blocks (Age 2 Years+)

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Recommended Age: 2 Years+.

Hours of timeless block play await your toddler! This wonderful set of 50 traditionally styled one inch cube blocks features charming hand-painted artwork. Solid wood blocks with a colorful collection of pictures, letters and numbers encourage matching, stacking, sequencing and sorting. A tremendous value that will last for years! Conveniently stores in an included pouch.

Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn:

  • Ask the child to see how tall he/she can stack the blocks before they fall over. Count each block out loud as it is added to the stack.
  • Ask the child to look at each block and identify the image on each of its six sides. Repeat this activity until the child can correctly identify the images on all of the blocks.
  • Build a simple structure and ask the child to replicate it.
  • Point to a picture on a block and ask what letter it begins with.
  • Ask the child to use the alphabet blocks to spell out his/her first name. (It may be necessary to use both the carved and stamped sides of the blocks.)
  • Ask the child to place the blocks in alphabetical order from A to Z, and the number blocks in numerical order from 0 to 9 (excluding duplicate numbers).