2-in-1 Baby Travel Bag - Black

2-in-1 Baby Travel Bag - Black


R 599.00 

Is it a bag?  It is a bed? It's both! This multi functional nursery bag easily converts into a carrycot. It's perfect for carrying all your baby essentials, or for letting your baby have a nap, no matter where you are! A must-have item for every mother-to-be!

This 2 in 1 multi functional travelling baby diaper bag has a large capacity with  waterproof cushioning.  The comfortable bed can be used when travelling or a temporary bed at home.  The waterproof cushioning will reduce your trouble.

One pocket is layered with insulation for bottles.  Another pocket has smaller ones inside to store your cell phone, sunglasses, spoons, etc.  The other two large pockets are designed to hold towels, wet wipesdiapers, clothes, or whatever else you want it to.

Approx Size (Open): L75 cm x W42 cm x H19 cm.