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Tommee Tippee - Superstar Sippee Cup - Girl

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Crawling, walking, running around ­ from 12 months onwards your little one becomes a lot more active, so they need to start drinking more water.

At 390ml, our Sipper trainer cup is ideal for keeping active toddlers happy and hydrated all day. Designed with toddlers in mind, the ergonomic design allows your toddler to easily carry their bottle on family outings. The resilient bite-resistant spout is extra durable, while the leak-proof spout means less clean ups and more carefree fun and comes with a removable hygiene cover. Featuring INTELLIVALVE, a unique anti-leak technology which guarantees this trainer cup is completely leak-proof as it withstands internal pressure meaning the cup won’t leak even when it is turned upside down or shaken.

Our unique valve both seals and regulates the flow of liqui to stop leaks and ensure easy drinking. With hygiene at the forefront of everyone’s minds, our drinking bottles add an extra layer of reassurance as the drinking spout contains BACSHIELD antibacterial technology.