SnuggleRoo 3-in-1 Nuture Shirt - Stone


R 499.00 R 599.00

The SnuggleRoo Nurture Shirt was designed by a team of Physiotherapists, Lactation consultants, Neonatal specialist and Midwives, for the benefit and enjoyment of baby and mom. Recommended for all babies (0-6months) as a precursor to baby carriers.

Wearing baby skin-to-skin and chest-to-chest is the optimal position for mother and baby to exchange vital sensory information which has very definite physiological and emotional benefits to both mother and baby through the sense of calmness safety and security it creates. Baby is naturally supported in just the right physiological position for their developing hips and spine. 100%Cotton fabric is soft against baby’s skin with no pressure created from hard clips or buckles.