Save The Penquin Game


R 269.00 

Recommended Age: 3 Years+.
  • 2  Players +.

Help!! A poor penquin is stuck in the f-f-freezing ice!. Can you help dig him out? 

Your aim is to free the poor little creature. Firstly you have to build a tower out of the bricks. You put the penguin on top of it and make sure he's stable in his "nest". Usually the youngest of the players pulls out the first brick. The game is played in turns, each of the players pulls one brick out of the tower, trying to release the poor little penguin. The lucky player who hits the right brick is the winner - the penguin is going to happily jump off the icy tower!

The tower chooses the right brick by random selection and every time the penguin is being put on top of the tower, a different brick is chosen as the right one.

The set includes:
- a penguin.
- 4 x trowel.
- a base.
- a tower.
- a set of bricks.