Rescue Runts - Husky


R 369.00 R 499.00

Recommended Age: 3 Years +.

Take These Scruffy Pets Home! Clean Them Up, Name Them & Love Them! Give these little cute pets all the care and love they deserve: wipe away their tears, pick out the fleas, comb hair, clear the dirty paws, remove the bandage and lift their ears up!

Finally, name your pet and write it on the special collar! Repeatable play pattern with special naturally scruffy plush material, dirt on paws that comes back again and again, and fleas and bandage that can be placed back on plush after having been  removed. Comes with all accessories to take care of your pet (brush, towel and tweezers). 

  • Rescue Runts are adoptable pets that you rescue, groom & love!
  • Care for your rescue puppy to take them from Ragged runt to perfect pet.
  • Use the included grooming kit to pick out Fleas, clean their paws, wipe their tears and brush their fur!
  • Clean them up again and again! Rescue Runts’ messy fur, down turned ears, dirty paws and bandage can be restored for repeated rescue play.
  • Soft and cuddly plush perfect for plenty of puppy snuggles!
  • Adopt all four puppies and give them a home to call their own!