Pigeon Multi-Function Steam Sterilizer


R 2,299.00 

This sterilizer is specially made for the convenience of the modern mother. It has 3 functions integrated into the single appliance to give Mum more time to bond with baby. With an auto switch off function for safety and a LED display for clear indication of settings and status, this is the perfect product for Mums who love convenience and practicality.

Function 1: Sterilization
  • Steam sterilization kills harmful bacteria effectively, with a full sterilization cycle of 9 minutes.
  • No chemicals are used or needed for steam sterilization.
  • Accommodates up to 5 standard sized bottles and includes a large convenient accessory tray.

Function 2: Food Warming

  • Adjustable timer & temperature
  • Keeps food warm at a desired temperature
  • Steam warming does not destroy the nutritional contents in food unlike microwave warming

Function 3: Bottle Warming

  • Adjustable timer & temperature
  • Keeps bottle warm at a desired temperature
  • Fits all sizes of feeding bottles
  • Preserves the nutrients in breast milk