Memory Matching Game


R 299.00 

Recommended Age: 3 Years+.

Number Of Players: 2 or More.

The perfect memory building game for little one's or the whole family. 


  • Hourglass.
  • Game Board.
  • 16 Game Coins.
  • 4 Double Sided Guess Cards.
  • 12 Ladybugs.

How It Works;

This popular game consists of finding pairs of the same pictures. 

One of the boards should be placed in a plastic base and cover all the pictures with bottle lids or the provided ladybugs. 
The player reveals 2 squares. 
If they are the same illustrations, they will be removed from the board. 
If not, then the images will remain hidden. 
The goal of the players is to reveal all the cards with the least possible  views. 
The player who unveils the most pairs of the same picture wins.