Li'l Woodzeez - Bushtails Squirrel Family With Storybook

Lil Woodzeez

R 329.00 

Recommended Age: 3 Years+


A family of 4 characters: father Oliver, mother Maggie and children Henry and Honeybun. "Tickle-Your-Taste-Buds Bakers" storybook featuring the Bushytails

"Tickle-Your-Taste-Buds Bakers"—Storybook Summary

The Tickle-Your-Taste-Buds Bakery makes the most scrumptious pies in town. Maggie and Oliver, along with their kids, Henry and Honeybun, pick and peel apples while Grandma Agnes gets the pie crusts ready. Then it's time to deliver their pies on a bicycle built for two.