iMice A7 Gaming Mouse


R 699.00 



  • High precision optical device: Smoother, more accurate cursor control at up to 3600dpi.
  • 7D Multifunctional button: An adjustable key controllable to go forwards, backwards, act as a middle wheel button or a DPI cut file key. The double-click key, one click as two clicks of the left key, making it more convenient.
  • Ergonomic design suited to a large variety of users: The mouse uses a flat overall design, the left-wing design, can effectively support the thumb; the bionic engineering components on the right side can be a good fit.
  • High compatibility with games: A high degree of customizability allows for a better gaming experience, one that is tailored to your own style.
  • Inbuilt Counterweights: Inset counterweights built into the base of the mouse allow for increased stability, providing a greater degree of control with smooth, sweeping movements.