Dough Series Bake Shop (Age 3 Years+)


R 599.00 R 799.00

Recommended Age: 3+.

Use the moulds to create layers for your pretend "cakes" and then load up your CAKE MAKIN' STATION tool to add all kinds of amazing decorations on top. Use your "frosting" tool to add "frosting" to the top of each "cake". When you're done with your "bakery" masterpiece, set it on the plate accessory to "serve" to your friends so you can celebrate. Creativity has never looked this yummy before! Includes 8 cans of Non-Toxic Dough.

 Product Features:

  • 38 Pieces
  • Creative Cake Shop
  • 8 Cans(Dough)
  • Size: 65 cm x 47 cm x 28 cm.