Detective Looking Chart


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Recommended Age: 4 Years+.
  • PLAY SMART: The one piece of board game has to be assembled in the correct order and placed on the center of the desk. The 60 clue cards have to be shuffled, not necessarily all, depends on the players participating. Evenly distribute the clue cards without the players peeking into card pieces, keep it upside down
  • Then select 3 detective marks of the same color for each player (there are a total of 12). The 60 detective rings must be placed in the most accessible position for all the players to pick up easily, as it's the key to winning prize!
  • RACE WITH THE TIME: The board game could be detached easily with a center piece and four portions that make up a complete circle
  • An hourglass is given for extra fun, a set time limit could make the detective game even more exciting to win. Detective rings and marks are painted in flashy shades of red, purple and blue.