Crawl 'N' Go Snail (Age 6 Months+)

Crawl 'N' Go Snail (Age 6 Months+)


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Recommended Age: 6 Months+.

The 2-in-1 favorite crawling toy. Musical Crawl N' Go Snail with stacker that rolls and spins its shell. Hours of fun, music and motion with the best crawling buddy out there!


  • A musical battery-operated snail that rolls, spins his shell and turns his head from side to side as he goes - encouraging baby to crawl.
  • 2 toys in 1: Spinning shell unscrews to become a 7 piece ring stacker toy with a push-squeaker face and a rattle ring.
  • Baby friendly tail operation button.
  • Parent On/Off button – for silent play mode.
  • With every activation the snail will rolls approx. 6.5 feet (2 meters) – rewarding and motivating baby to catch and reactivate.

Size: W15 x L22 x H20 cm.