Summer Slumber Night Light Buddy - Yellow Bumble Bee

Summer Slumber

R 549.00 

Create a tranquil environment for your little one at bedtime with Slumber Buddies.™  This soft, plush Little Lamb companion is the perfect sleeping buddy for children of all ages.  A calming starry sky display and a peaceful selection of sounds help relax and soothe baby to sleep. 

Slumber Buddies Features

Calming Starry Sky Display

  • Create a tranquil environment with a calming starry sky display.
  • Features star and moon patterns that can be projected on the ceiling and walls to help ease your child's discomfort of the dark.
  • Five meditative songs and nature sounds soothe your child and helps them sleep. Three different levels of volume control 
  • Easy to use light and sound buttons project a rhythmic light show or relaxing individual colors to encourage your little one to dream peacefully
  • Auto shut-off button
  • Set a timer for 15, 30 or 45 minutes to not disturb your sleeping baby and save battery power in the process
  • Soft and plush fabric makes this Slumber Buddy the perfect sleeping companion for children of all ages
  • Requires 3 AAA Batteries (NOT INCLUDED)

Also Available in : Frog, Butterfly , Lamb, Elephant