A4 LED Drawing Pad

A4 LED Drawing Pad
A4 LED Drawing Pad
A4 LED Drawing Pad
A4 LED Drawing Pad


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This ultra-thin LED tracing pad is a multi-application (used in comics, painting, drawing, 2D animation, calligraphy, copy/practice of fonts, graffiti for children, design, creation, hand painting, interior design/architectural/professional dress, CT, movie, etc) device and is amazing to get your creative juices flowing, no matter what age group you fall under. It has great eye protection technology and the light source is concentrated to provide uniform light, and you can still adjust the brightness as needed. This device is perfect for doodling, sketching, drawing, animation, making, calligraphy, and tattoo tracing or designing, etc. 

Product Features:

  • Ultra-thin design
  • A4 Tablet Light
  • Innovative thin design, thickness of only 4.2mm
  • Light weight (500g)
  • Easy to carry
  • Smart touch
  • Easy to use
  • Energy saving
  • Can adjust the appropriate brightness as needed
  • The LED drawing tablet has a smart memory function
  • If you turn off the LED drawing (do not turn off the power) and turn it on again, it will show the brightness you used last time, very convenient!
  • USB interface design: universal USB interface (without adapter), fully compatible
  • Drawing board can be loaded by laptop, PC, AC adapter, mobile power supply, etc.
  • Can be used flexibly, anytime and anywhere, which largely meets the needs of indoor and outdoor use
  • Super bright light, which can be seen through very thick paper
  • Special acrylic surface, which makes it feel like a glass panel but much stronger than glass.

Product Specifications:

  • Type: A4 Copy Table
  • Size:L-33.3cm  W-21.5cm  H-0.4cm
  • Weight:181g
  • Included:
    • 1 x A4 LED sketch pad
    • 1 x USB Cable